Building Relationships That Pass the Test of Time

Since 1892, our great tasting premium shrimp, steadfast integrity, commitment to the industry and to unparalleled customer service have helped us grow to one of the nation’s largest suppliers of Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp.

Our unwavering commitment to Premium Quality and Customer Service are the keys to building long-term partnerships and ensuring solid business growth for our customers and our company.
We will continue to build our business and to help our partners grow by sourcing and supplying Premium Quality Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp to those who partner with our our family owned company.

A Sustainable Future

We share our customers’ concerns regarding food safety and long-term environmental sustainability.
The sustainability and preservation of the Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp resource and the way of life that it represents is our past and our future. Our products are 100% a product of the USA and we are committed to supporting sustainability initiatives throughout the entire supply chain—from local, state and national fishery improvement initiatives to processing facility accountability through distribution to our nation’s consumers.

We are actively involved in Fishery Improvement Projects in Louisiana and Texas and work closely with environmental organizations, state and local government and other industry stakeholders to attain favorable fishery certification and to insure preservation of the Gulf of Mexico fisheries.  Please contact us for additional information on our specific policy initiatives.