BUY WILD-CAUGHT GULF SHRIMP NOW: New Orleans-based Paul Piazza & Son Seafood Launches Online Store



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May 13, 2020 New Orleans, Louisiana– Paul Piazza & Son, Inc., one of the largest, processors of wild-caught Gulf of Mexico shrimp in the country, launched a direct-to-consumer buying portal today in response to increased requests from consumers to buy its wild-caught shrimp products. The company is offering its most popular sizes and product forms with free shipping from Louisiana.

“We began to see a particularly high number of requests on our website coming from areas in which we aren’t already selling through retailers,” said Andy Neely, vice-president of sales. “The Paul Piazza brands can be found in many areas of the U.S. through our valued retail partners, but there are places where people can’t buy our shrimp in a store or want a broader product selection.”

Shrimp are the most popular seafood item in America, and the demand for healthy, sustainable, wild-caught shrimp, has also increased as shortages of beef, pork and poultry have surfaced due to plant shutdowns and higher consumer demand. 

Shrimp processors like Piazza, which has received excellent SQF (Safe Quality Food) ratings for food safety, have avoided such problems and have an ample supply of wild-caught Gulf shrimp ready to be shipped to consumers, restaurants and retailers anywhere in the U.S. 

The company also believes demand has increased because consumers are making a more conscious effort to buy American.

“Imported, pond-raised, typically less flavorful shrimp are much easier to obtain in a store. They are a different variety and are generally cheaper,” says Garet Hutchinson, regional manager and corporate chef. “But there’s nothing like knowing that your shrimp came from our American waters and from hardworking American shrimpers.”

Paul Piazza & Son Seafood, Inc. has been in business for more than 125 years, and the family business has adapted to crises and changes in the market before. In 2005, the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina led to Paul Piazza & Son’s largest and most strategic expansion to date.

Those who wish to order direct online as well as restaurants and grocery stores looking to source premium, wild-caught Gulf shrimp can contact Paul Piazza & Son Seafood by visiting The site also features more about the company’s background, history and operations, shrimp sustainability, the health benefits of wild-caught shrimp and its most popular page — recipes.

 “The quality and rich taste of premium, wild-caught Gulf shrimp make them a real delicacy,” adds Neely. “And now anyone can get them sent straight to their door.”


About Paul Piazza & Son Seafood, Inc.: Paul Piazza & Son Seafood, Inc. based in New Orleans, Louisiana, is the leader in processing sustainably-sourced shrimp from the coasts of Louisiana and Texas. As one of the largest, vertically integrated shrimp suppliers in the U.S., the company processes more than 30 million pounds annually. The company is deeply involved in sustainability initiatives, working closely with wildlife officials and state and federal regulators, following sustainable and socially responsible practices. More information is available at

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