When Stocking Up at the Grocery, Don’t Forget About Paul Piazza Wild-Caught Shrimp!


If you are having to think strategically about food supplies that will last in the freezer, don’t forget about shrimp. Many consumers are reporting that traditional go-to proteins, beef, chicken and pork are in shorter supply in the grocery stores. But we wanted to remind everyone to remember shrimp – especially our wild-caught, Gulf of Mexico shrimp.

Our Paul Piazza wild-caught, Gulf of Mexico shrimp, available in several package sizes and varieties, will last in the freezer and supply your family with many great meals.

We have learned over the years that one reason people don’t automatically go to the “frozen shrimp” in their grocery is because they are either not top of mind, or they simply don’t cook shrimp as often and are less familiar with handling. Shrimp just simply are not as top of mind as other protein sources.

Our Paul Piazza & Son website has a great RECIPE PAGE full of delicious meal ideas using shrimp created by our own in-house culinary team.

You’ll find Paul Piazza & Son shrimp are available at a variety of local grocery stores throughout the U.S., just look for our packaging in the frozen food aisles of stores in these grocery chains. If you click on the store chain name, it will take you to a page which has locations for each chain:

     • Acme Fresh Market

     • Acme Markets

     • Albertsons

     • Big Y

     • Brookshire’s Food & Pharmacy

     • Cub Foods

     • Edwards Cash Saver

     • Edwards Food Giant

     • Fairway Markets

     • Giant Eagle

     • Hannaford

     • Harps Foods

     • Homeland

     • Hy-Vee

     • K-VA-T / Food City

     • Lowe’s Markets

     • Mac’s Fresh Markets

     • Price Chopper

     • Reed’s Market / Piggly Wiggly

     • Roth’s Fresh Markets

     • Roundy’s / Mariano’s

     • Rouses Markets

     • Safeway

     • Superlo Foods

     • United Supermarkets

     • Weis Markets

     • WinCo Foods

We know you have your choice protein selections for your meals, and it can be easy to just head straight to the aisles with the beef, chicken and pork. Right now, shrimp are in good supply with many of our grocery stores and we have plenty in our freezers to keep our retailers stocked.

Paul Piazza & Son’s deliciously fresh shrimp are full of natural flavor from the Gulf of Mexico 100% American shrimp, caught wild and frozen for your convenience.

As long as they are kept frozen, Paul Piazza & Son’s frozen shrimp retain their distinctive flavor and natural sweetness to make any dish stand out.

We know that this is a trying time for our nation, that’s why we at Paul Piazza & Son are doing everything we can to always provide wild-caught Gulf shrimp for those out there who want them. Just visit any of our retailers listed above.

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